Tour is one of the colonies on The Mainland, ruled by The Venulan Reach. It is currently governed by Bishop Hartryn. The capital city is Wedyer, situated at the mouth of the Genuli River.

The bulk of Tour’s population lives along the Genuli River in the northwest, near the border to Venul. The further south reaches are populated more by small villages. Hunters take a prominent role in Touran society, as they are the best outfitted to do combat against the wilderness of the colony.

Tour’s south is largely covered by The Dead Forest. It is so unpopulated because of the superstitions that surround the area.

Tour’s culture is not popular in the other colonies, but the most renowned art in the colony are the incredibly elaborate stone statues that were built in The Elven Ages. The Artisan’s Guild in Tour has tried to revitalize the stone crafting legacy of the colony to little avail.

The Guild Outposts in Tour are scattered through The Rivertowns.


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