Osath is one of the colonies on The Mainland, ruled by The Venulan Reach. It is currently governed by Bishop Iesseran. The capital city is Omanryn, situated on The Corner.

Osath is a cold place. There is a long history of the landscape being altered by magic in The Elven Ages, and even more in The Dawn Age. The land’s natural warmth has been countered by residual magic in the peaks of The Eastern Mountains, which have extended their weather to many of the valleys. The west of Osath is known as The Great Meadow.

The residents of Osath hold their religion in very high regard. While the Church of Meros rules the land, there are also cities with higher concentrations of citizens devoted to the Church of Pulaia and the Church of Intessos. In the city of Poltyr, there is the only established Pantheonic Church.

The major cities of Osath are known for their huge and elaborate churches.

The Guild Ouposts in Osath are situated close to the western end of the mountains, and the guilds have made attempts to bridge the strong differences in culture between mountain and meadow.


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