Marnet is one of the colonies on The Mainland, ruled by The Venulan Reach. It is currently govened by the Bishop Klendan. The capital city is Nubeyem, located at the fork of the Sturil River and the Idelid River.

Marnet has the third largest population of the colonies, and is by far the richest of them. Most of the citizens of Marnet live in The Golden Cities, along the Sturil River.

Marnet is a warm place. The Golden Cities have developed ways to cool their air using the abnormally cold water of the Sturil River. The plains away from the river are rich farmland, although nothing is as rich as the Merosian Valley, between the Still Mountains. A strong farming community has sprung up in the valley, called Martai. It is the largest settlement outside of the Golden Cities in Marnet.

The Artisans’ Guild has a powerful presence in Marnet. Marnetian singers and harpists are the most desired across The Mainland, and high quality Marnetian tapestries are the most lauded art pieces in the modern age.

The Guild Outposts are mostly in the Merosian Valley, although the Artisans’ Guild moved to Nubeyem following a fire in their old hall near the others.


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