Kyrm is one of the colonies on The Mainland, ruled by The Venulan Reach. It is currently governed by the Bishop Hras. The capital city is Horimdar, located near the borders of Marnet and Venul.

Kyrm is the least populated of the six Mainland colonies. During The Dawn Age, it was a haven for pirates and outlaws, and the reputation continued to scare off settlers who might go west until the Reach took power. Even with the Reach pushing for the settlement of the west coast of Kyrm, there are few citizens.

The geography of Kyrm does not allow for agriculture on any great scale. There are fertile fields along the rivers near the border to Marnet, but the majority of the land west of that is shallow soil and exposed bedrock.

The cities on the eastern border of Kyrm are the oldest on The Mainland. The homes are moulded directly into the bedrock, using techniques that had been forgotten by the time of The Dawn Age. The stonework is rough compared to that of Tour, but it is much stronger. The cities towards the West coast are more impermanent, as the foundations can only root in The Shallow Fields.

Kyrm’s culture is still a fledgling thing. Most of the citizens are less than a century removed from Marnet and Venul, and their art has not developed independently. There is research being done on the people who built the Eastern Cities, and the studies are very popular with the citizens.

The Guild Outposts in Kyrm are situated in the Eastern cities, but several Guilds plan to abandon those halls and move west with the settlers.


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