Hew is one of the six colonies on The Mainland, ruled by The Venulan Reach. It is currently governed by the First Bishop Honaead. The capital city is Claynal, at the tip of The Pointed Bay.

Hew is the most populous of the six colonies, despite being one of the smallest. It also has a large population of Dwarves and Half-Dwarves, larger than any other non-human population on The Mainland.

Most of the population is concentrated in The Burrows. While there are many people living in Claynal, there are no more major cities above ground. The Burrows extend further down into the world than any person has yet explored. Despite all efforts, the bottom has still not been reached.

The citizens of Hew commonly worship Mor-Aroth from small family chapels. The Church of Meros has sent many missionaries into Hew, but they have not succeeded in creating more than small followings of humans aboveground.

The majority of metal trafficked through The Mainland is mined in Hew. The Great Smithies of The Burrows are legendary in the other colonies, and even the Artisans of Marnet have not attained the quality of metalworking as the Great Smithies.

The Guild Outposts in Hew are scattered through The Burrows, although the Artisans’ Guild has been unable to find solid footing in the deep, and their hall is in Claynal.


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