Havris is an independent island off the northern coast of The Mainland. It is ruled by the Elven Confederacy. The capital city of Havend is on the southwest coast of the island, on the Havrisian Strait.

The island is mostly untamed, despite the large population of elves. The land is covered by Lorves Trees, with the exception of Havend, where they were cleared before construction. The massive size of Lorves Trees allows for homes to be created in them without the destruction of the tree. Most of the elves on Havris live in these “tree-hollows”.

Havris was discovered near the end of The Elven Ages, when the Cartographers’ Guild commissioned ships to sail north from Marnet. After The Downfall, The Venulan Reach banished all elves still loyal to The Nations to Havris. They cleared the space to build their capital, and after the space had been filled, druids and hunters began to occupy the forest. Within 5 years, Treehomes were built and the island was more thoroughly populated.

There is not government control over much of the Lorves Forest, as nomadic druid tribes and large Treehomes claim their own independence.

Havris has enjoyed a beneficial trade relationship with The Mainland, despite their past. The Havrisian Strait has become the most popular place in the world for merchant ships, and most of the wood in Marnet is taken from Havris.


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