The seven Guilds have been an important part of the culture of The Mainland since The Dawn Age. While they have a large amount of power within The Venulan Reach, they still distinguish themselves as individual organizations.

The seven guilds are:

Each guild has a main outpost in every colony, except for the Slavers’ Guild, who operate only out of Lockhome and Kelyr. Most Mainland citizens work under one of the guilds, but a certain level of prominence in a field must be reached before a person can be accepted as a guild member.

The guilds are given executive control over all work done in their particular field. They advise the High Chancellor on all matters concerning their work.

A guild is run by an individual Guildmaster and the Guildmaster’s Trust. The Trust is a group of four advisors handpicked by the master out of the Guild Ranks. When a Guildmaster dies, the Trust is left to elect a new Master, who will personally choose the four members of his Trust. A member of a reigning Trust can not be elected Guildmaster.


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