Church of Pulaia

The Church of Pulaia is a small and dwindling religion, with few followers outside of the chapels in Osath. Many of the worshippers are leaving and joining the Pantheonic Church.

Pulaia is the only god from the Dawn Age mythology that is still worshipped. He is never drawn, but he is said to live in the Sun and in The Great Ocean. The chapels to Pulaia are small and unadorned; little more than wooden cabins with simple benches. Pulaia is never prayed to, as his worshippers believe that Pulaia understands their needs without needing to be told.

In the Book of Pulaia, nothing is valued as heavily as freedom. It is said that there was once a god of captivity, and he tried to make a storm that lasted forever so nobody could explore beyond the sea. In the legend, Pulaia created the sun to burn away the endless clouds and give the world to his people.

There are extremist cults of Pulaia that would aim to destroy all forms of government to achieve total freedom. The church has a violent reputation because of the extremists and their attacks on Reach outposts. They have tried to eliminate this reputation by being very vocal in their opposition to slavery, but it has also put them more at odds with The Venulan Reach.

Church of Pulaia

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