Church of Mor-Aroth

Mor-Aroth is the god of The Deep and of The Abyss, worshipped only in The Burrows of Hew. The Church of Mor-Aroth is the oldest known in the world, and nobody knows when it was founded.

Mor-Aroth is depicted in many ways, but the two most popular images of him are a dwarf with a long black beard and a huge Obsidian axe, and as an enormous black wolf with red eyes.

The Church of Mor-Aroth has no holy book and few official worship customs. The dwellers of The Burrows continue to search for the bottom of The Abyss as their tribute to Mor-Aroth. They believe that the deeper into the ground they go, the closer they will be to Mor-Aroth. In their prayers, the diggers thank Mor-Aroth for giving their lives a purpose – to go deeper into the rock.

Extremists in the church have been known to hurl themselves into The Great Pits in an attempt to reach Mor-Aroth.

Church of Mor-Aroth

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