Church of Meros

The Church of Meros founded The Venulan Reach and the Archbishop of the Church is also the High Chancellor of the Reach. They are a monotheistic church.

Meros was worshipped in secret during The Dawn Age and The Elven Ages. As the Elven church to Intessos started to take over the government, Meros worshippers led a revolution that culminated in the creation of The Venulan Reach to rule the entire Mainland.

The first worshippers of Meros followed Janus the Listener, who heard Meros’ voice when he was trapped in a collapsed mine in Tour. Meros instructed Janus on how to get out alive and then dictated the Book of Meros. Janus was very outspoken about his experience, and gathered a small group of followers in Kyrm who quickly started expanding. The Church of Intessos found Janus and beheaded him. The outrage from the execution spread unrest among the followers of Intessos, and the murder of Janus eventually became a rallying cry which spawned the revolution.

Meros is depicted as a great golden snake. He advocates outlawing magic, which led to the banishing of mages and planetouched citizens to Dalluin. He also advocates the use of slaves, although orc slaves were popular in The Elven Ages as well. In The Book of Meros, the person who achieves his or her greatest possible potential is the most exemplary person.

Church of Meros

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