Church of Intessos

The Church of Intessos was the most powerful religious organization on The Mainland during The Elven Ages. Under The Venulan Reach, it has very little power. Most followers of Intessos currently reside in either Havris or Osath.

Intessos is depicted as a stunningly beautiful half-elf woman holding a sceptre in one hand and a knife in the other. The original intent of these two symbols was lost when the First Church burned. Due to her great beauty, Intessos is still a subject for many artists, even those who worship Meros.

The Intessian Way is the main holy text of the church. It is unknown who first wrote it, but the first worshipper, Heyril, stumbled upon the book in the woods at the beginning of The Dawn Age. He maintained until his death that Intessos placed it there for him to find, but many claim that it was a relic of a long-forgotten religion.

In the last days of The Dawn Age, The Intessian Way became the most-copied book on The Mainland. When the elves overthrew the monarchs, they instated the Church of Intessos as the state religion.

Intessos advocates order and strength. Extremists in the religion would even argue for a codified caste system. The Intessian Way defends Nepotism as a valid philosophy, and teaches that those born into wealth are more deserving of wealth and are of a higher level of importance than peasants. A devout peasant worshiper of Intessos would be more concerned with coming to terms with poverty than with gaining money. If Intessos had intended for a person to be wealthy, they would have been born that way.

Church of Intessos

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