Archbishop Laervo

Archbishop Laervo is currently the Archbishop of the Church of Meros, the governor of Venul, and the High Chancellor of The Venulan Reach. He served as First Bishop to Archbishop Helvi until Helvi’s death.

Laervo chose Bishop Klendan to fill the empty space in the School when he moved to his new position.

Laervo has continued the work of Archbishop Helvi in extending the power that the Venulan Reach holds. He has tightened the Slavers’ Guild’s grip on Lockhome, and started to amass a fleet in the Kelyr Harbour.

Laervo is very popular among all people except peasants. He has advanced the livelihood and income of those with wealth, but he is hated by the peasants because he has encouraged slavery and cruel treatment by masters.

Archbishop Laervo

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