The Dawn Age

The first recorded history of The Mainland shows a monarchy that remained in power for many centuries. The seven guilds are present in the earliest histories, and there is no record of their founding. The continent was ruled by a human family known as the Cors.

The Mainland was populated by many different races in the Dawn Age. Elves, dwarves, humans, and orcs lived peacefully, and magic was an accepted practice. Planetouched were never loved by the people of the Mainland, which lead to the first settlements on Dalluin.

It is unknown how the Cors took command of the continent. Some scholars believe that the first known king, Janus Cor, burned all written record of what had come before him. Others believe that whoever the Cors conquered had never developed language.

Janus Cor was a cruel king who gave birth to many more generations of cruelty. The Cors were ruthlessly efficient rulers. They were hated, but the crown brought in great profits. There were several kind Cors throughout the centuries, but they were quite rare. Many peasants lived and died under only cruel kings.

The Old Church was the religious way during the Dawn Age. The Church of Pulaia is the only remaining sect of this religion. Many of the gods that were worshipped have been lost in the temple raids that accompanied the fall of the Cor monarchy.

The Dawn Age ended when the final Cor king, Helris Cor, slaughtered 150 elves for his own enjoyment. Elves and humans across the Mainland rose up and took Kelyr from the Cors, hanging Helris in The Guildway and installing the First Elven Republic as the rulers of the continent.

The Dawn Age

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